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Sending Brain Waves over the Internet

Concepts such as remote viewing, transference of brain waves over the internet and actually controlling another person’s movements through technology have now become a reality.   University of Washington scientists Rajesh Rao and Andrea Stocco have developed a brain-to-brain communication method over the internet. As one participant thinks of an action the other will move their finger from some remote location.  Before the brain can send the signal it takes some time to train it to send the right signals that the computer can capture. The sending participant thinks about shooting at some object on the screen and the cursor begins to move as the computer picks up on this signal. As the sender thinks such information the receiver in a different location will take the information from the internet and know to press the “shoot button”.  Previous studies have shown similar results between rats, a human and a rat, and for the first time human to human. Since the beginning of ma