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Is the Cost of Higher Education Slowing?

According to a report by the College Board shows how college tuition has slowed this year when compared to the past 30 years. This is great news for people concerned about the overall cost of education and how it is increasing faster than inflation every year. In some years tuition increases have reached double digit levels putting additional burden on families. The question of why this is the case has not been fully explored or discussed. Certainly, no solution has been found yet. The report shows how 2013-2014 tuition and fees increased 10% for private non-profits, 17% for public 4-year and 18% public 2-year. In the past some, of these costs would reach into 20 and 30% increase range begging the question of why. Improvement in the numbers is to the benefit of students, families, and the government itself. The answer to "why" such large increases occur is difficult to answer in a single sitting. Some have argued that the recession and smaller state budgets are forc