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Gushi Poem: In the Garden a Strange Tree Grows

The poem speaks for itself. Someone (likely a lady) is thinking about a long lost love. A strange tree reminds her of him. She cuts a flower and desires to send it to him. Unfortunately, it is generally a worthless flower but only has value in the mind of the beloved. She smells the tree, sees the tree, but longs for him. She doesn’t want to be forgotten. Isn’t this what we all want? The beauty of poetry is that it creates a snap shot in time much like your camera. The snap shot is in your head through relation of similarity of events in our own lives. You can almost see her walking in her courtyard thinking. It is almost possible to smell the tree and feel what she is feeling. This same theme has played over and over in history in nearly every culture. These are universal feelings and this is why the poem maintains its attraction today. Title: In the Garden a Strange Tree Grows #9/19 In the courtyard there grows a strange tree, Its green leaves ooze with a fragran