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Zesty Cod-Kale Salad Recipe Offers High Protein and Low Calories

Healthy food full of vitamins and minerals doesn’t need to be difficult to find or hard to prepare. Consider a charbroiled cod-kale salad to fulfill your appetite while not adding to your waistline. It is full of protein and helps in fostering muscle growth to support your fitness goals. Best of all it is under 500 calories for a large serving and won't leave you hungry. Kale is also considered a wonder salad. It is has no fat, lots of vitamins, full of anti-oxidants, low calories, lowers cholesterol, full of fiber, and is anti-inflammatory ( 1 ).  It means that it is one of the hottest types of health food on the market. According to Medical News Today kale supports hair and skin while fighting against major diseases ( 2 ). A healthy serving of fish will not do you harm. Cod is often cooked with butter and this adds to bad fats even though it improves taste. It is possible to reduce these bad fats by using more spices and lemon to augment the flavor. The olive oil (