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Seeking Chapter Writers for Intercultural Foreign Language Skills

Seeking Chapters Productive Foreign Language Skills for an Intercultural World We have place for 2-3 additional chapters in an edited collection titled "Productive Foreign Language Skills for an Intercultural World. A Guide (not only) for Teachers"; publisher: Peter Lang (Frankfurt/Main); going to press: first quarter 2014. The book contains articles combining state-of-the-art theory/research results with implications for language instruction, and concentrates on developing higher-level skills (written and oral production, discourse and intercultural competences, interaction and mediation as understood in CEFR, etc.), with some place also devoted to the role of cross-linguistic influence in language teaching. Ready chapters in English up to 5,000 words long can be submitted until 27 October to the undersigned (e-mail address can be found at the URL in the signature). Best regards Michał B. Paradowski, Ph.D. assistant professor Institute of Applied Linguistics,