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Book Review: Journal Keeping by Dannelle Stevens and Joanne Cooper

The book Journal Keeping-How to Use Reflection Writing for Learning, Teaching, Professional Insight, and Positive Change by Dannelle Stevents and Joanne Cooper provides a nice framework for including journals in both higher education and our personal lives. Through the use of a journal we can help solidify our thoughts and come to a better understanding of ourselves. Professors, business owners, and students can all find an educational benefit in writing out their goals, strategies, dreams and hopes.  The author proposes that such journal writing be implemented in graduate and doctoral education. The journal provides 1. Writing as thinking, 2. Practice in fluency in writing and motivation, 3. Acceptance of journal writing when it is fully integrated into course work. Not only does it provide a higher depth of thought but also improves upon general self-reflection. When students understand the benefits of journal writing they accept and adapt it to their own needs.  The

Book Review- Essential Deming: Leadership Principles from the Father of Quality by Dr. Joyce Orsini

The book Essential Deming: Leadership Principles from the Father of Quality by Dr. Joyce Orsini provides a strong read for managers who seek to understand the nature of quality and how to improve operations.   The book covers a number of important concepts such as management problems, quality development, methodology, research studies, knowledge vs. information, and management predictions. Each of these concepts leads the reader to understand higher methodologies in running corporations. The book contains a number of important lists for administrators to study. It indicates that there seven deadly diseases in the way managers think. It recommends that they understand these all important concepts to improve profits:  1.       Lack of constancy of purpose: Having proper plans that keep the company in business. 2.       Emphasis on short-term profits: An excessive push for dividends and short-term profits. 3.       Evaluation of Performance: Rewards for people who do w