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Fiesta de Reyes and Dia de los Muertos San Diego

Fiesta de Reyes is San Diego’s original pueblos and was the start of local life. The area has been established since 1821 and was considered and economic and community center. It contains around 19 shops for food, clothing, gifts, deserts, bars and restaurants. It is part of the downtown historic park district.  The Dia de los Muertos, or “Day of the Dead” was celebrated November 2 nd at the Fiesta de Reyes. Activities included everything from shopping to music. The deeper meaning includes honoring and paying homage to those that have died. It is often connected with Dia de los Angelinos, or Day of Little Angels” to celebrate children who have passed away.  It is a time where people construct alters in their homes to remember the lives of those who have went before. They offer sugar skulls, chocolate, marigolds (the Mexican flower of death), sweetbreads and trinkets for those who have passed. They celebrate the festival for Mictecacihuatl who is the goddess of the underworl