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Boxing Basics for Those Who Want to Get Fit While Learning Self-Defense

Boxer’s Start-Up by Doug Werner offers the beginners guide to boxing. Every healthy lifestyle should include some sports and fitness activities. A variety of sports like karate, boxing, horseback riding, skiing, jogging, bicycling, etc. affords the opportunity to learn new skills while conditioning the body into shape. Boxing is a heavy cardiovascular sport and is well known to lead to higher levels of physical abilities. This may be one of the many reasons why gyms offer kick-boxing as a fitness routine.  This book is more for those who want to understand the basics of the sport. I have watched boxing, engaged in some boxing activities, and enjoyed some self-defense sports. Moving into the fundamentals allows for further mastery of skills that come with self-defense and fitness. The book will cover everything from clothing to routines.  It will provide information on basic learning, boxing gear, stances and footwork, punches, combinations, heavy bag, basic defense &