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Holiday Season Pictures on Coronado Island

This time of the season comes with fun activities and holiday shopping. It also comes with a few natural gifts you may not find anywhere else. The beaches contain a few pearls of nature’s artistic handiwork on full display. The best part about the show is that it is free. You may want to consider walking along Coronado beach, grabbing a bit to eat, and enjoying some of the other activities in the area.   Hotel del Coronado was built as a resort in 1888 and was pronounced a historic landmark 1977 ( 1 ). Over the holiday season it hosts a beach front ice skating rink, carolers, and many other historical activities. This is their 125 year of holiday celebrations. Visitors can walk along the beach front, grab a beverage in their bar, or order something to eat in the restaurant. It has been a favorite of stars and movies since 1920 ( 2 ). During our evening trip we drove a few miles from Coronado Beach to the San Diego Bay Parade of Lights. Around 80 ships line up for displa