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What is Behind the Painting of "The Bull" 1647?

The Bull 1647 When is a painting just colors on canvas? Painting is a representation of life and the figures, creatures, and landscapes represent important aspects of societal living. "The Bull" is a painting that is central to farm life and animal husbandry. Yet "The Bull" is much more than a beautiful piece of artwork as it also represents something spiritual and thriving.  Without the domesticated bull it is doubtful society could produce enough food to expand and grow. Paul Potter had a very short career in painting but during this lifetime he produced many great artistic works. He was born in the fishing village Enkhuizen and studied art from the warmth of his home. He lived with his father in Amsterdam for a while, went to the Delft for a couple of years and then to the Hague where he painted the famous work "The Bull" in 1647. After this time his career was plagued by crippling sickness and disease leaving a number of fine art works behind as