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Call for Papers: International Journal of Technical Research and Applications

We invite authors and aim to achieve following filed of research, review and case study but not limited to: Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Biotechnology, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Chemistry Science , Automation and Mobile Robots, Virtual Reality, Image Processing, Computational Biology, Photonics Networks, Plastic Engineering, Virtual Reality, Computer Science , Bio-engineering, Bio-chemistry, Bioinformatics, Phonetics Networks, Data Compression, Search Engine Design, Brain Mapping, Genomics, Text Abstraction, Information Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Soft Computing, Data Engineering, Architecture Evaluations, Design of Algorithm, Data Fusion, Computer Systems, Statistical Techniques, Genetic Algorithms. ALL PAPERS WILL ALSO APPEAR IN SITES GOOGLE SCHOLAR, SCRIBD, WIKICF, DOCSTAC, SLIDESHARE, EBSCO HOST, WEPAPERS, ISSUU ETC.. E-CERTIFICATE as well as HARD COPY of CERTIFICATE WILL BE PROVIDED TO PUBLISHED PAPER'S AUTHORS Exclusive Editor