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Retaining Chinese Students After Graduation

International students are becoming an increasingly important part of higher education within the U.S.   Researcher Xin Liu delves into Chinese student needs when studying in the U.S. and what they need to consider staying local upon graduation (2013). As American companies turn more international in focus and desire to penetrate the Asian market such international students become a priority due to their specific cultural knowledge and contributions to the human capital mix within companies. China has approximately 284,000 students that live abroad to study in 2010 (Mu, 2011). They are becoming a significant source of college recruitment. With the growth of such students the ability to socially live in the U.S. and have proper social connections is a major concern when making decisions to stay in the U.S. or return back to China. Chinese students weigh and balance the competing interests such as friend’s opinions, career prospects, and formal school guidance. Because Chines