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Webinar: Developing An Effective Academic Advising Protocol For Military Veterans

Date: Thursday, June 26, 3:00-4:30 (Eastern) Type: online webinar Info: Military veterans returning as students to the campus environment need a certain level of support as well as key academic services to help ensure that they have a successful, long-lasting experience. Academic advising is one very critical part of this picture. What are truly normal human responses to traumatic experiences may actually cause severe symptom formation resulting in academic struggles, potential failure, and lower retention rates. If we identify and understand these responses and build programming that addresses the needs of students with traumatic life experiences, we can increase success and retention. This webinar will focus on the development of a protocol for academic advisors providing services to military veterans. This protocol takes into consideration military culture, life experiences of military veterans, previous military training, deployment issues, family issues, and traumatic lif