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Call for Papers: Trans-Atlantic Public Economics Seminar in Vienna

June 16-18, 2014. The National Bureau of Economic Research with the Institute for Advanced Studies will be sponsoring the Trans-Atlantic Public Economics Seminar in Vienna. Papers will be considered for a special issue of Journal of Public Economics based upon referee suggestions. The program will be organized by Christian Keuschnigg of IAS and Roger Gordon of the University of California. Submissions of related topics, empirical and theoretical, related to the effects of personal income tax on household and firm behavior would be beneficial. New research on traditional topics, such as tax effects on labor supply, household savings, and portfolio choice, is welcome. However, more recent evidence suggests that taxable income is much more responsive than either labor supply or savings. What else is responding to taxes? Possibilities include forms of compensation, rates of self-employment, dividend payout rates, where and when income is reported, firms' choice of organizational