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Economies Fly High with the Kite Model

International competitiveness doesn’t exist in a vacuum. There are many components such as the internal clusters, national methodology, and the cultural grouping of countries to consider. A paper by Yu-Jen and Hsiao-Fong helps to develop higher levels of understanding of how these factors work together to raise the development properties of a nation (2012). Their work focuses on combining the Flying Geese Theory and The Diamond Model to develop a more holistic framework. Flying Geese Theory:   The theory was developed by Japanese economist Akamatsu Kaname to categorize countries into leading nations, middle countries, and follower countries (1962). Less advanced countries will attempt to move up in the V pattern but may fall backwards based upon their abilities. The pattern is not set. Countries that adapt new technologies, higher skilled labor, better structures, and greater education will lead the flock. The Diamond Model:   The Diamond model was developed by Michael