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Labor Day Events: Festival of the Sail and US Sand Sculpting Challenge

Festival of Sails provides a lineup of tall sail ships that make their debut throughout the day at the San Diego Maritime Museum. As a bonus, just a block to the South, is the U.S. Sand Sculpting Challenge. You will need to pay to enter both events but if you plan on taking up the better part of the day you might as well splurge on a holiday. Broaden your mind with a little art and history.  San Diego is known for its tourist sea coast offerings and summer sun activities. Events and attractions in the downtown area draw interest and visitors. The events provided during the holidays are some of the best I have seen and makes for a lively weekend.   Festival of the Sail : Festival of the Sail hosts a large tall ship parade. It is even possible to get aboard the ships if you come early. As ships pass the festival there are mock cannon battles of smoke a booming attacks. Between watching the action you can walk around the booths, kid’s area, beer garden, and local goods.