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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Wine Review: Trader Joe’s Coastal Syrah

Trader Joe’s Coastal Syrah is a discount wine offered at the popular grocery retailer.  You wouldn’t likely take a special trip to purchase this wine but might consider it the next time you’re completing your grocery shopping and need grab a wine for dinner. At a price under $5 you may consider picking up a few for later use.

This wine is produced in California using the coast cool weather to help create a riper taste. It isn’t a wine that you would first think of buying but would naturally be attracted to its price. I was as well as I am sure others.  As a wine it isn’t the best or the worst I have tasted but fits nicely in the medium range. 

The Nose: Jam high berry taste. A slight smell of ripeness.
The Mouth: Balanced, ripe berries, blackberry, tobacco, spice. Medium tannins.
The Glass: Medium to full body ruby red.