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Webinar: Student Motivation- Practical Strategies That Will Increase Engagement, Learning & Retention

January 24 2014 online, United States of America You will learn HOW the basic principle of “active student involvement” will help us help our students to focus on their sense of purpose, control, & build connections that will help them socially, academically, physically, & emotionally. Participants will: Differentiate between the WHY and the HOW of student success and motivation Examine the underlying principles of student success Examine common best teaching practices in a college classroom (across disciplines) Reflect on and describe how their teaching practices compare with the best practices Identify teaching strategies that are appropriate for their student population Apply basic principles of student success to their own teaching success (e.g. validation, self-efficacy, collaboration, active involvement) More information:

Successful College Students Believe in their Abilities and Chances

Human perception and behavior can impact the success and likelihood of achievement throughout one’s lifetime. Whether one is a college student or career oriented it is their personality that makes up a significant proportion of success. Research helps highlight what personality traits encourage students be successful by moving toward their career goals. They found that personal and institutional satisfaction where two different hypothesized paths. Not all students will be successful. Some will inevitably fail. They come to college with a range of issues related to personal perception, habits, patterns and expectations. Those who have developed strong traits seem to be more successful. Of course, one cannot say that students can’t learn new approaches but starting from a negative outlook will have its disadvantages.  Students make choices about their careers, how long they are willing to study, and their level of academic engagement. Each choice comes with possible successes