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Wine Review: Shiraz by Benefactor Cellars

Having the snob affect is great but so is saving your money so don’t run to pay the highest you can. Shiraz by Benefactor cellars is a barebones wine that retails for under $5. If you’re buying wine in the high price range then you might as well just add it to your collection of overpriced shoes and jackets. However, if you’re buying to try new tastes such as that of South Eastern Australia put your savings in an interest bearing account and pick up a bottle.  This wine celebrates those who have passed away. It is readily apparent from the skeleton label design and red coloring that it is something you should pick up for a Halloween party. Regardless, the wine is about life and celebration even though it has a unique artistic decor.  Nose: Ripe berry and chocolate Mouth: Ripe berry, tobacco, cherry, spice and currant. Slightly pungent and wet.