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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Benefits of Dog Friendly Cafes Like Santos Coffee House

San Diego is a dog lover's paradise. From the animal shelter that looks more like a Hilton for pets to the dog beaches you will find that locals love their dogs. They love them so much they can't imagine leaving them home when they head to the coffee shop. Heck! Have little Buster carry the newspaper for you. Santos Coffee House is one of those places where dogs are more than welcome to lounge while nibbling on a doggy snack while their owners do something more constructive.

Pets are allowed both in the main area as well as the patio. Within moments of entering you will notice the water bowls and overstuffed jar of treats. The clerk promptly comes out from behind the counter and gives a reassuring pat to your unsure pooch. 

 In a big city like San Diego Santos has something unique to offer. Finding a niche in a larger market allows the business to attract a core following. Return customers return a couple of times a week and create positive cash flow. They are the easiest to maintain and keep once their shopping pattern is formed.

There are limited resources to market cafes and coffee shops. Having a narrow focus in marketing and advertising online will do much more for the business than trying to be everything to everyone. For example, searching Yelp for coffee shops will get you a long list of options but searching out dog friendly coffee shops cuts it down to a more focused number. 

Santos is a epicurean kind of place nestled in an area that seems to be wonder whether it should convert to residential or small business commercial. It is a neighborhood coffee shop that roasts its own beans and engages in philanthropic pursuits. After a few visits you will start to know a few people who live in the area.

3191 Thorn St
San Diego, CA 92104