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Building Apartments and Condos to Alleviate San Diego's Housing Problems

The affordability of housing is a difficult issue for San Diego as the costs of housing and rent are reaching beyond what the average person can afford. The problem has become so exacerbated that one has to wonder if it will someday, if not already, have an impact on recruitment and retention by employers that limits future economic growth. The problem of San Diego's housing move beyond surface solutions and more into the fundamental design of the city. Rethinking that design may be helpful in creating a more sustainable future. San Diego is designed like a suburb but has limited coastal space. Encouraging the development of apartment housing can be beneficial for building up and consolidating people into better managed areas. Instead of wasted space well designed housing can put people in smaller areas without jeopardizing their comfort. Condos work the same way as apartments. Well designed facilities can not only save space for more housing but also offer opportunities to i