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Mission Trails Golf Course-Where Nature Makes Its Home

Golf is one of those challenging sports that seems easy from the side lines. Spectators often underestimate the skill involved. What can be so hard about getting that little white ball into a hole? Happy Gilmore (Andy Sandler) says it best, “Why can’t you go into your home?” The primary problem in golf is not the ball but the player. Without the right swing that ball is going to go anywhere but back to its “home”.   Mission Trails golf course is 18 holes on the base of Cowles Mountain. The first nine holes wind around Lake Murray while the last 9 holes have some wilderness challenges. They also maintain a lighted driving range, refreshments, banquet facilities and pro shop. The golf course was once played by Tiger Woods.   Golf is a continuous learning process. According to Golf Smith try and maintain your V while swinging the club ( 1 ). The V is the result of a proper swing that ensures that your shoulders move first and your arms stay extended longer. The V will help