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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Convenient Practice and Nighttime Lighting at Mission Bay Golf Course

There are few things to ask for beyond fountains, golf courses, and sunny beaches. California life is all about the outdoors and recreational fun. The Mission Bay Golf Course and Practice Center offers a touch of that life with their 18-hole executive golf course and exclusive night time lighting. Located just a few blocks from Mission Bay and the local De Anza Cove Park it is possible to enjoy the waterfront and a round of golf all in the same afternoon. 

Seeking summer and the smell of freshly cut grass isn’t hard in San Diego. Just head down to the water and take a right-or something like that. Splicing to the left or to the right? You may need to adjust your swing and hit balls over and over until you internalize the right swing. No point in embarrassing yourself in public if you only need a little practice.

Mission Bay Golf Course and Practice center offers an excellent driving range into a sand covered field. The sand plumes help in determining precisely where the ball landed and the yardage of your hit. The mats are well taken care of and there is a putting green available for practice on your short game. It doesn’t take but a half hour to stop in and hit a medium bucket of balls for $8.50. 

Some people love golf and others hate it. You might love it when the ball makes its way perfectly down the fairway. You may hate it when your ball mysteriously gets drawn to that batch of trees or duck covered pond. No matter what type of relationship you have with golf you won’t suffer from the social, physical, naturalistic and recreational outlets it provides.

Mission Bay Golf Course and Practice Center
2702 N Mission Bay Dr
San Diego, CA 92109
Tee times are from 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.