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Getting Retro at Rebecca's Coffee

Old fashion coffee shops stacked with broken furniture and ripped cushions and interesting people are one of those rare joys in life. Many of us are familiar with the corporate and cleanly scrubbed chain coffee shops that are on nearly every corner in any major city. Finding those that completely break the mode and are able to create a strong following are truly a gem. Rebecca's is really that place. They do not have expensive furniture and just about everything looks like it came from a rummage sale. This is part of its charm and it attracts writers, poets, musicians, and the free spirited from just about every walk of life. They host live entertainment that draws in a large crowd who support local talent. Located in the business district of South Park you will see how the quaint storefronts and artistic crowd meet together to create a neighborhood identity. This is the place where you find a blend of youthful talent mixed with high levels of optimism. It looks like it has