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Ponder the Art and Set Sail at the Maritime Impressions Exhibit

Experience art, learn about history, walk the ships and take a sea tour. Currently displayed at the Maritime Museum are artistic renditions of San Diego ships through the exhibit of Plein Air Painters Association of San Diego (PAPASAN).   Impressionist artists seek to express a feeling more than the exact nature of reality. Their works are colorful and vibrant in depicting the maritime existence of San Diego Bay. After visiting the museums and contemplating the art you can take a swift boat tour of the bay. French Impressionism is a radical change from previous European art and continues today as a frontier of art exploration (Snider, 2001). The style seeks to enhance the general impressions from a scene by using unmixed primary colors and short strokes that creation reflection ( 1 ). Many of the paintings are vibrant and not in particular detail but still provide a full picture.   A feast for the eyes. PAPASAN artists to connect through nature while offering exceptional