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Book Review: Learning from the Masters of Venture Capital and Private Equity

Venture capital and private equity are important components to societal investment. The book The Masters of Private Equity and Venture Capital by Robert Finkel delves into the concepts of what makes investment successful. Contrary to common knowledge the money is only one of the components while the factors of the market and the organization itself are equally important. Few want to invest their money in poorly run and sinking ships.  One of the biggest steps in venture capital success is learning from mistakes. There will be some companies you make significant money off of and there are some that you won’t be so lucky. The key, like most other things in life, are to continue to learn from mistakes. Whether you’re Edison or the Rockefellers the process is the same.  Investors often find a method to evaluate companies. They don’t just blindly pick some company and start pouring money into a deep hole. They use methods of analysis to ensure that the companies they are inter

Strategies of a Changing International Business Environment

The business environment is constantly changing to a wider range of pressures not seen in the previous models. With a more complex business environment organizations need to be ready to accept and adjust to new conditions as they become apparent. The strategies use can lengthen or shorten product and service life-cycles. Updating the common SWOT tool to offer alternative strategies and switch analysis helps to ensure businesses can adjust their strategies to strengthen their positions and thwart decline.  A paper by Mayer & Vambery (2008) indicate that the current SWOT needs to be updated to include change as an additional construct in order to fit within the nature of modern global businesses. They discuss internal change (Ch i ) and external change (CH e ) to make SWOTCH i/e .   Their reasoning is that the traditional SWOT assumes a single market with a finite beginning and end to products/services. In global business there are multiple markets and uses for products.