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British SETI Seeks ET and an ATM

British academic researchers and leaders want to restart the British SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) program in hopes of finding signs of intelligent life in the universe. They argue that there really isn’t a program that truly looks for alien life in a coordinated and pragmatic way. It is argued that with just a half a percent of the UK astronomical budget it is possible to create a program that is competitive with the private-funded American SETI program ( Extremetech, 2013 ).  According to Dr. John Elliot of the SETI Research UK website the primary purpose of the program is to decipher space messages for intelligent structure. The programs include detecting a signal signature of ET technology, the impact of such a signals on humanity, protocols for ET communication. The program focuses on trying to connect with and send signals to possible extra terrestrial life.  The program also known as UKSRN was announced recently at the Royal Astronomical Socie