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Healthy Living: Hardy Black Bean and Cod Soup

Black Bean and Cod is a hardy soup that is sure to stick to your ribs and warm any chill from the evening air. Beware you must love black beans and cod fish to enjoy this recipe.   A single serving provides 29 grams of protein with approximately 310 calories. As a dinner, this soup offers a number of positive benefits that extend beyond its muscle building properties.   Black beans support cardiovascular health, nervous system functioning, and protects against cancer ( 1 ).  Black beans also support colon health by allowing it to produce appropriate bacteria to ensure the track functions effectively ( 2 ). You are not only getting your protein but also protecting your body.   I’m lazy and like to cook with a slow cooker when I can. Beans can take a long time to cook well and ensure the right consistency. A crock pot allows you to cook your beans without having to monitor a simmering pot. The water used to cook the beans becomes part of the soup mix instead of discarded.