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Monday, January 20, 2014

Pictures of Scripps Coastal Reserve-The Knoll

Scripps Coastal Reserve-The Knoll offers great coastal sights, a chance for fitness, and a few critters to watch. Along the northern side of the reserve, you will see some of the most beautiful mansions in the area. The west side is marked by its steep cliffs that run down to the beach where surfers swarm like seals. The southern side is also marked by yet another canyon.

The trail is sand and there is little to no difficulty walking it. It is a nice trail for strollers, elders and kids. The whole walk may be about a half mile so you can do this for a little bit of exercise. If you are looking around for the wildlife, you could waste about an hour in the area. That would be an hour of exploration with frequent stops.

Wildlife is hidden under the brush, in the sand, or behind the thickets. Most people walk along the path and never notice the underbelly of the reserve. Certainly, the area has a lot of outside noises and isn't like the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where you can stand and hear nothing but the wilderness around you. Spending some time in a place like this will help you find the sounds of movement in the grass, the rustle of twigs from a running rabbit, or a bird making a mating call. If you slow down and listen, you can find the creatures the reserve was made for. 

The reserve has numerous signs that explain the various wildlife and plants within the area. You can learn much of the local plant offerings. The western side has a nice place to look out over the ocean and enjoy the eye candy. Some sit on the edge of the cliff over the beach and watch life move on. Certainly, it is worth visiting every once in a while and taking in the sights of nature.

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