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Creative Cloud(TM) Becomes Abode's Signature Product

Abode announced at its Abode Max Creativity Conference 05/06/2013 that they are expanding their offerings of the Adobe(R) and Creative Cloud(TM).   The goal is to help the creative class work together to come up with more solutions. Through the use of shared files it is believed that improvements in business, education and other industries will be forthcoming. At present the software works on Windows, Mac OS, IOS and Android giving it wide applicability. According to BusinessWire a half million paid memberships and two million free users have already signed up for the service since 2012 (Business Wire, 2013). They have developed a community of users that share information, create together, and   publish.   The whole system is designed to enhance their abilities and encourage more productivity. There are a number of important features that are offered for the $39.99-$50 per monthly subscription price.  Products that are included within the service include anything that has a