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Three Ideas from Louisiana Legislature on How to Reduce Their Higher Education Budget

Budget crisis recently hit Louisiana in the tune of $1.6 billion dollars with $300 million projected to be taken out of higher education ( 1 ). Lawmakers are struggling to determine which actions they can take that will lessen the burden and avoid painful cuts to educational quality. The methods they choose will likely be watched closely by other legislative bodies who are struggling with some of their own budget issues. Ideas can be good or bad depending on its impact. In the complex higher education system not every idea works well in isolation. There are multiple factors that come to play in the complex web of political, financial, and market oriented aspects of higher education. Sometimes it is better to use multiple methods to approach a problem and adjust thereafter when needed.   Considered three ideas proposed ( 2 ): Tax Exemptions: One of the proposals is to remove tax exemptions for business. In the short run it will likely work but many business come to rely on those