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Friday, October 17, 2014

Little Italy Festa Draws Over a Hundred Thousand Visitors

The Italians have a saying, “A chi vuole, non mancano mod” that translates as “there is a will there is a way”.  This year the Little Italy Festa drew around 120,000 people and acted as a homecoming for many Italian Americans who wanted to get in touch with their culture. They found a way to successfully match culture and commerce together into an activity that enhances their neighborhood. 

Hosted on October 11th, 2014 in the Little Italy District of San Diego small business vendors, artists, and authentic Italian food filled the streets.  They did a great job ensuring people had a safe and enjoyable experience. Plenty of trash receptacles to keep the area clean while displays were organized well both vertically and horizontally among the streets to allow for maximum foot traffic. 

Those who are not skilled in cooking Italian Food watched one of the different food demonstrations, try a few samples, and buy one of the products on display. Artistic types were drawn to the 3D and chalk art that lined the streets in a judged competition.  Skill ranged from master artist down to novice but each offered their own perspective on Italian culture. 

A few were absolute masterpieces while others did not get finished. Businesses sponsored the artists who then went to work on completing their art pieces. The name of the business was included on the side of the masterpiece making it a captive audience of approximately 120,000 visitors. It is hard to get better advertising than matching art, foot traffic, and proximal location. 

The Gondola Company put together an excellent display and caught my interest. They offer Milan style gondola boating for couples and groups. I have never been on a Gondola or to Italy so I might try it someday and wanted to get more information. The activity would be great for a small party or a romantic getaway.  Http://

 The event was fun and after walking you began to better understand the ancient Italian culture that was established during the Renaissance Period. People like Julias Ceasar, Lorenzo de Medici and Columbus helped shape a cultural perspective. Likewise, people with robust romantic lives such as Leonardo di Vinci and Micheangelo provided a historical foundation for artistic endeavors. From red wine to tortellini you will taste some of the best offerings of Italy in this little San Diego neighborhood.