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Local Pow Wow Honors the San Luis Rey Band of Mission Indians

San Luis Rey Band of Mission Indians coordinated their 18 th annual Pow Wow on June 14 th and June 15 th . They have for hundreds, if not thousands of years, lived in the San Luis Rey Valley from generation to generation.   Their development and culture is based upon the land that reared them. The Pow Wow is a unique expression of their culture. If you have never attended a Pow Wow you may find that the drums, dances, food and products are part of a unique experience. You won’t find this style on Rodeo Drive. This is about life through Native American eyes and their chance to tell their cultural story.  The San Luis Rey Band of Missions has a history much older than modern day California. The Spanish established the Mission San Luis Rey only in 1798 as part of the El Camino Real trail. The Pow Wow gives a glimpse of that life prior to European influence. Pow Wow’s affords an opportunity for the tribe to connect and associate with each other and pass on their tradit