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Wine Review: Fonreau Bellevue’s 2010 Bordeaux

Fonreau Bellevue’s 2010 Bordeaux is an import from France that retails for around $10 per bottle. Bordeaux is nice with food items like beef, Asian, and other spicy or greasy foods. It may work well with T-Bone steak, BBQ ribs, and high protein foods. This type of wine is common when eating out or frequenting vacation areas.  A few phrases that may describe this wine are helpful: slightly dry, tannin aftertaste and ripe grapes. It is somewhat easy to drink. A touch of acidity to the taste based on its tanginess. Blackberry and spice are relevant terms. Dark maroon color and medium body. The wine is reflective of its French origins.  Bordeaux is made from blending the three different grape varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet ( 1 ). They often adjust the quantities of each to create different tannin and strength levels based upon the types of grape and their maturation dates. Bordeaux is know for its French origin but Napa Valley has been increasing in sta