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Shackleton's Lost Pictures of His Antartica Voyage Available for Viewing

Ernest Shackleton was a famous explorer of Antarctica between 1914 and 1917. His expedition ran into problems and he and his crew were forced to abandon their ship. After a century, 22 negatives found in a hut first built by the failed expedition of Robert Falcon Scott (1910-1913) were developed by the Antarctic Heritage Trust (New Zealand) ( 1 ). Robert Scott’s team built the small hut and eventually left after they found out the Norwegian team beat them to the area ( 2 ). Shackleton’s team, called the Ross Sea Party, also came across the hut after being stranded by the ice crushing their ship. It appears that they accidently left the photos in the snow and cold. Despite the harsh conditions, many of them were able to be saved and produced for public consumption.  Many of the landmarks are clearly noticeable. The Times of London Printed an exert of news related to Sheckleton’s voyage and the loss of the ship Endurance ( 3 ): News of the expedition which Sir Ernest