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Da Vinci Wine "The Blood of Jove"

From the south facing hill of Vinci and Cerreto in the Chianti reason grows the Sangiovese and merlot grapes that are used to make Da Vinci Chianti wine.   It is one of the best tasting wines I have had in some time. Smooth, fruity and just a touch of a pepper kick in the end. It is a great wine for red meat and pasta.  With over 200 cooperative growers, producing Tuscany wine the quality is excellent for $14.99. Its crimson collars and taste mix well with the leathery taste. It is a nice sipping wine that would go well for parties and other events you might be planning.  Over 90% of the Da Vinci Chianti wine comes from the Sangiovese grapes. This is primarily named after sanguis Jovis or the blood of Jove. Jove is also known as Jupiter the sky god of ancient Rome who was seen as the master of gods. He believed that the Eagle was his sacred creature who dominated the sky.