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The Impact of Including Calorie Information on Restaurant Menus

The restaurant business is in a competitive industry where price conscious consumers make economic choices about where and when to eat. Understanding customers and their needs affords opportunities to draw them back again and again allowing for greater revenue generation. According to research nearly half all food expenditures are outside of the home (Guthrie, Lin, & Frazao, 2002).   Since customers dine out on a frequent basis getting the menu right can make a huge difference in customer perceptions and sales.  With the 2010 Healthcare Reform Law food service with 20 or more outlets and food within stores must come with nutritional information. This does not apply to small restaurants that may be making individual choices to include such information. Therefore, research into the specific advantages and disadvantages of labeling food is beneficial for smaller operations.  The specific information that is required and where it is posted is another grey area in the law. T