Monday, November 6, 2023

Escanaba City Council Meeting (Nov. 2nd, 2023): Christmas Trees and Performing Arts

There were many big topics but one of the biggest is how theater improves people's lives. There are many that believe that the arts have no purpose in modern life but that is far from the truth. The arts teaches us values and further teaches us about the deeper meaning of life. For example, theater can improve empathy and in turn empathy can lead to greater togetherness and pro social learning. Empathy and Theater. Thus, arts is not a useless endeavor but is one of those things that transfers certain values and expectations from generation to generation. It has a deeper purpose in society and Escanaba is aware of that purpose and supports its arts programs. 

 Patrons of Escanaba Schools Performing Arts

November 21st Christmas Tree Lighting 

December 1st Christmas Parade

Nov. 2nd, 2023 Esky City Council Agenda

*Sidenote. This is a town with potential as infrastructure, global market, and local offerings seem to be in closer alignment post COVID so the community has experienced significant increases in investment interest ranging from hotels to the papermill industry. 

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