Monday, October 5, 2020

Hiking the Ridge for Fitness-A Naturalist Approach

Chewy, my super mellow Shitzu, headed onto the trails this morning. We both need to get out of our house sometimes just for fitness and enjoy the outdoors. For a few weeks I have been in a city so I have been craving more nature. While it is hard to deny the stress management aspects of being outdoors we also have  to consider the physical aspects of using morning time to connect again with our roots. The naturalist approach seeks to improve fitness health through nature and natural activity.

First, I'm no stranger to the gym and have spent a lot of time there in the past. Since COVID and the open and close policies of most gyms I  had to find alternatives. I've taken on a naturalist flavor to my fitness routine that ranges from hiking to body weight muscle building. Throw in some yoga and other fitness activities and you should have a flavorful routine.

In the naturalist approach you look for functional muscle and overall health. You aren't necessarily spending lots of time focused on just your biceps but more on complex working muscles that improve your overall health. Want biceps start doing activities that push you to build arm muscles like lifting, climbing, and dragging. 

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