Thursday, September 24, 2020

Breonna Taylor Protest Highlights Need for More Love and Less Hate

 Last night was heated to say the least. It may be the last night of violence but that is very unlikely considering the heightened emotions. We are moving into a new phase in this national discussion. When people fire back it creates a whole new risk level for everyone involved as safety measures are put in place. Police will get more edgy and protesters are likely adjust to the change of mood. There must be safe ground police and protesters see eye-to-eye. We need a functioning police mechanism that is capable of protecting the public while at the same time have the highest moral/ethical values. Discussions often start with what you can agree with and once that happens we can then move onto other discussions on controversial issues. 

For example, a main point might be short statement, "We will likely still have policing of some type in the foreseeable future." and "We want our police to engage in universal justice where race, religion, and other discriminatory forms are not part of the process."  We could also say something about the national dialogue, "Americans are defined by core shared values and when you are an American you have equal rights in all aspects of our society."  Perhaps we can go further and say, "We want everyone to economically engage in the  future of our society and further push our capitalistic values through removing barriers to success". 

I'm not saying these are right and that people would agree as they are just examples. However, you can kind of get my point.  If we can agree on the big picture we can keep moving down the reasoning line by discovering where we do and where we don't meet. For example, once we agree law enforcement must be moral and ethical then we have to define that for guidance to departments. As another example, if we agree we need some type of policing then we can talk about training, feedback loops, internal investigations, etc...

The sky and ground were in movement last night. Blocked streets, sirens, crowds, helicopters and stun grenades. Yikes!

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