Thursday, July 16, 2020

Why Are Democrats Are Out Funding Republicans?

Democrats are out-funding Republicans even though Republicans have important things to contribute to our economy and national dialogue. According to the article, "Democrats power past Republican Senate incumbents in fundraising." you will understand that the fundraising in Arizona, North Carolina, Montana and Iowa have gone more Democrat. There are a few reasons why this may be happening and there are a few things Republicans can do. That will mean a greater focus on the needs of the next generation and improving our lifestyle and economy in the long run. Republicans are not connecting well with a younger more diverse generation and it has nothing to do with essential focus of the party's core philosophies.

Customer Base Improvement: Focus on appealing to minorities through outreach and inclusion.
  • Democrats appeal to a new generation of people that include minorities. With a higher percentage of people being minority it will be important for Republicans to re-brand themselves. 
  • Much of the money they raise appears to be ground roots which would make sense considering the demographic they are courting. 
  • Republicans have something to say on essential freedoms and the need to be inclusive of people within government. That message is not getting across well in their campaigns. 
Improve Social Media and Sharability: It is necessary to improve sharability of media and social media to ensure that a younger demographic can receive it. While there has been some improvement within the past few elections it doesn't go far enough.
  • Messages should be built directly for their target audience (i.e. young versus old, rich versus poor, etc... but the essential message stays the same). 
  • Balance between logic and emotion. 
  • Make sure that the message is about doing whats right by people.
  • Keep messages focused on essential truths most people can agree upon. 

Make Big Statements with Today's Social Movements: Go after offering solutions to some of the most important social movements of our time. These are the things people are interested in.

  • People want change and the Republican brand will need to show things like how criminal behavior (non-police) will be thwarted and how misconduct by police will be held accountable. There should not be two different standards. 
  • Another example is pollution. People don't want to live in a polluted environment. Encouraging companies to limit pollution is one thing but so is improving innovation that leads to less pollution overall. 
  • Discrimination is taking large swaths of people out of our labor pool, limiting their motivations and damaging the Capitalistic system.
The Economy and Jobs: The economy and getting people back to work after COVID is important. That means we need a strategy on how to create stronger manufacturing, technology, and small business opportunities. 

  • Focus bringing back American manufacturing and ingenuity. There are methods of improving the economy and redeveloping manufacturing in the U.S. I'm working on the Theory of Transactional Clusters but there are lot of other good ones too. 
  • Think about strong schools that can compete globally on the market. Schools may be more online but there should be a high priority on education, learning, and innovation.  We want the best schools in the world because that gives American students competitive advantages but also greater influence in global culture. 
  • Think about innovation, R&D, and development. We want an economy that will roar back to life and maintain its long term competitive position. This means that we need to focus on the encouragement of serious research and innovation that includes universities, R&D and entrepreneurship. 
  • Retraining and opportunities. We know that there are many people in the country that haven't updated their skills in a long time. Helping people learn new skills that allow them to update and make more money can help our economy in the long run. High technology manufacturing jobs will be important.
  • Digital and Export Infrastructure. Digital and export infrastructure will make a big difference in the competitiveness of our economy. This is an opportunity to update our networks for a stronger manufacturing and export approach. 
Schouten, F. and Wright, D. (July 16, 2020). Democrats power past Republican Senate incumbents in fundraising.

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