Thursday, July 9, 2020

Hotel Del Coronado Fountain-The Meaning and Beauty of Fountains

I'm a big fan of fountains as they create an atmosphere of eloquence and depth in a way that can spruce up any neighborhood. This is the one outside Hotel Del Coronado. Obviously this is a luxury hotel so the crown is kind of cool. Despite its posche image there is a long history of this hotel starting in 1887. Presidents and celebrities flocked here.

....and of course the deeper psychological/cultural meanings of fountains.

In history, psychology and dream interpretation fountains are seen as rejuvenation, bringing to awareness, and life in general. Water is rejuvenated and brought forth clean in a way that one lives a good life. Most of the water is underneath and it represents bubbling forward of knowledge and awareness. At least this is what the cultural and psychological interpretations mean.

Either way...they are cool pieces of architecture.

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