Monday, May 11, 2020

White House Briefing: Testing Innovation Supports Economic Opening (05-11-2020)

The White House briefing today focused on the increasing capacity to improve testing (Something like 300k a month). While testing doesn't necessarily stop the virus it can tell us who has it and get people into quarantine faster. Once a vaccine is created it may also allow us to test at the onset of illness and then apply the vaccine to eradicate the disease before it spread quickly.

We know that this is not unique to history and seems to come around every once in a great while. We are an organic species and should expect these things to happen. Our very existence is based on our ability to overcome challenges like these. We will be stronger for it!

The crisis leads us into a new generation of testing by innovating new products. Few things spur innovation as much as necessity does. We are under threat, we know we must act, and all stakeholders came together to put us into a brighter spot than we were a few months ago.

New wearable quick tests may end up coming onto the market. It may take some time to perfect such products and have them available for mass consumption. I suspect if we can create a quick test we can also down the road improve wearable exposure products for medical professionals and first responders. 

Because much of the world is engaged in an innovative process right now we will see new things coming on the market that we haven't seen before. That will lead us further into the era of micro technologies and wearable medical devices. Early detection may allow us to apply solutions before it moves out of the incubation stage and cause serious body failures. 

What is coming on the market is not the last word. We will want to avoid these situations in the future so our medical community will change and it could be possible that we will start to think about healthcare cost through prevention. Telehealth and other changes could impact access, quality and cost of healthcare. Poor health can lead to spreading infections to others so better lifestyle management and medical care may occur. Only time will tell. 

I can say that the tone was up-beat and that there appears to be a mood of optimism at the White House. We will need to wait to see what happens next as the economy opens up.......

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