Friday, May 15, 2020

Rock Climbing in Iron Mountain Michigan. A Location to Explore

Practice on a low cliff.
Iron Mountain Michigan has a few places to rock climb that I would not have suspected that to be the case. Most rock climbing is done outdoors in the natural setting. This provides new opportunities and challenges when compared to the "fool safe" systems with their soft landings, plastic rocks, and numbers walls. The wilderness is there and ready to be tackled.

I did a small stint in Iron Mountain to test some equipment. Mostly I wanted to see all of the different locations and also use a cliff I could climb down in case I had an equipment failure or other issue. I did notice, as you can see from the map, there are a lot of large 40' ish type cliffs in the 5.5 rand in the area that can be tested.

To get there you will need to walk down a dirt ATV/Fire Road. There are cliffs on both sides of the trail. Likewise the actual drivable road has cliffs on both sides in this area so it is helpful for you to spend some time walking around. 

GPS coordinates that will get you close is Norway Township Michigan 4980145. 911542, -87.959575

In general you can see them in the rough area on the map below. The Mountain Project also has some directions

Sometimes you can get some stunning pictures and other times you get some generic ones. Most people wont have gone where you have gone. I hope someday to prepare myself and raise enough money to climb Mount Everest. I don't know if I will be able to do it as there are a lot of different things ranging from fitness, permits, interest, and money. If I do it, I would do it for justice. The need to ensure all people are treated fairly and that we look beyond the surface to ensure we are doing the right thing by people. Most of the time we are but there are a lot of times we are not and it saddens me we are not. That is not placing blame or criticizing anyone. Its just an idea and an ideal for continuous improvement. People shouldn't feel like Justice is for some and not for others. I believe it is more helpful to think about how to draw all people into society in some way or another to make a great nation. Makes no difference your background or political party. We only have one America!

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