Tuesday, April 21, 2020

President Trump Update April 21,2020. PPP Funding Passes Senate

The President discusses many of the changes coming forward and the current funding of PPP. That money is necessary to keep payroll going and ensure many of these businesses don't close down. There was also some discussion on temporary limiting of immigration until we know where we are at in terms of reopening the economy. We are continuing to update and build capacity for this country, stockpile, and other countries.

Much of the conversation revolves around infrastructure development. While he didn't specifically state this it is something interesting to think about. Our nation is working off of older platforms of the Industrial Age is slow, clunky, expensive (i.e. our chronic budget shortages). Updating our infrastructure to the Digital Economy, Big Data and Advanced Manufacturing will make a big difference in our long-term global competitiveness.

Just thinking along this line a little.......there will likely be a blend of Industrial and Digital infrastructure. Specifically, balancing the export oriented economic infrastructure like roads, railroads, ports, etc... with updated information networks can make a huge difference in the creation and development of superior product lines. Creativity and innovation is a result of fast transference of information but then is manufactured and sent along traditional infrastructure systems.

A couple of notes from the Press Briefing:
  • Senate Passed $382 billion PPP 75 billion for hospitals and 25 billion for COVID-19 Testing. It is now moved onto Congress.
  • The loan has been extremely popular and there appears to be some plan to offer more money in the future.
  • Phase 4 appears to be infrastructure to help improve roads, bridges, and Broadband and much more.
  • $600 billion dollars total have been put into small business.
  • Some discussion on energy independence.
  • Temporary suspension of immigrant labor until American worker has found jobs. 60 days and then it will be re-evaluated. Only green card requests and not temporary workers.
  • -Some movement on anti-body tests. It takes a little time with two different types of responses.
  • -When the FDA talks about clinical trials, randomized trials, and studies I get goose bumps. It will be some time until we really understand how the disease works.

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