Wednesday, April 29, 2020

April 29th 2020 Governor Whitmer Discusses Yoopers and Further Opening of Economy

Much of the discussion on Governor Whitmer's April 30th, 2020 briefing revolved around new programs that help and create incentives for Frontline workers. That includes initiatives that relate to childcare, unemployment and college tuition. Furthermore,a new executive order will likely be issued Friday as it pertains to opening commercial and residential construction. A Heroes Fund was introduced to encourage additional hazard pay for first responders and frontline workers.

She provided an example of a Gladstone resident (i.e. Yooper) that renewed her nursing license so she could go back to work in Marquette at a nursing home. Linda (Yooper) was held out as an example others should follow.

Interestingly, there was a 15K proposal (As part of the Heroes Fund) to create incentives to recruit healthcare and first responders. There appears to be a problem with recruiting nurses and first responders as the supply of 1,600 Canadian nurses dried up with travel restrictions at the border (1). This group is also at a higher risk of contracting the COVID sickness as 3K+ medical workers were infected with Covid while working in the Detroit Healthcare System (2). I wonder if the 15K recruitment incentive proposal also means they will need to work in the Detroit area for a certain time period? (🤔Thinking Face).

-Changes in that expand benefits and make it easier to apply.
-Additional protections from foreclosure.
-Childcare for Front line workers.
-Futures for Frontliners. Certificates in technology and degrees. Tuition free college. Want 60% of Michiganders to obtain post secondary degree.
-Free testing for COVID
-699K+ Enrolled in MI Healthy Michigan Plan.
-Industry and health experts are working on reopening the state.
-Friday will sign an Executive Order to open resident and commercial construction by May 7th, 2020.
-Heroes Fund (Senator Gary Peters): Hazard Pay 25K raise for frontline workers until end of year and $15K recruitment incentive for healthcare and first responders.
-Michigan Economic Recover Council helps determine ways to return back to work in a safe manner.

You may want to check out the college free college tuition and childcare information below:

Whitmer Press Release ChildcareGovernor Whitmer Takes Significant Step to Make Child Care Affordable and Accessible for Families

Whitmer Press Release College: Governor Whitmer Announces "Futures for Frontliners," a G.I. Bill Program for Essential Workers

A pretty solid article on tuition by Forbes.....Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Announces Free College For Frontline Coronavirus Workers

There was a question as it relates to a debate with Republicans on legislature and issuing Executive Orders. You can read an article on the topic.... Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer wants 28-day extension of emergency powers.

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