Monday, November 4, 2019

Chewy Outdoor U.P. Adventures-Thoughts from a Dog :)

Not sure where he taking me but I hope there are treats!
I know this is silly but I can't keep talking about wildlife, hiking and stuff over and over so I thought I would spice it up a little with thinking about hiking from a dogs angle.....

This is Chewy! He is a sock thief and a convicted potty violator. Despite his shortcomings he loves the outdoors.

We try hunt, hike, cross country run, snow shoe and other stuff as much as we can. This little guy can jump in the water and play around as much as the big dogs.

Must have been an elephant path.
Today's adventure was hiking back on some ATV trails in search of fitness, outdoors, and maybe some small game.

Supporting wild life, habitat restoration, sustainable hunting, pollution clean up, and a lifestyles that allows for outdoor activities is helpful to our lives. There is a part of us that must reach back to our natural state every once in a while to feel more at ease. This is one of the reasons why I love the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!
Refreshing water to drink.
Every time I put one in my mouth I get yelled at!
You can read a little about the U.S. Wildlife Services to learn about what they do. You pay their service through our tax dollars so understand where your money is going and how it helps our environment.

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