Friday, June 14, 2019

The Journey Creates Happiness

We spend a great proportion of our time trying to find happiness. Some of us do it through buying things, some through working hard, some through friends, and some through minimization. Happiness isn't any of those things alone. Happiness is the journey where goals and appreciate for the present make the biggest impact on how we feel.

There is something about having a goal and enjoying the process that creates happiness. If you have no goals you don't really have much to motivate you everyday.

Goals should also be worthy your effort. You will want something that gets you excited each day to wake up, get out of bed, and get moving.

Its seems that happiness can be found in the process of wanting to accomplish something that seems to make a big difference in our lives. It is the forward cognition focused on a better future mixed with a focus each day that puts annoying little things in perspective.

Yet accomplishing goal after goal doesn't make one happy. We must also accept each day as it comes and live in the moment. Goals are great but so is the enjoyment of the process. Live now, work toward tomorrow, and enjoy everyday.

If you want to find happiness think about what you want out of your future and work toward it. Don't expect everything to be perfect. Don't assume you will be happy if you achieve your goals. Instead think of how to make the journey fun and meaningful to you.

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