Saturday, June 22, 2019

Success Careers Comes With Others-Say Please and Thank You

Success is not often a stand alone affair. Over the years I have realized that when you want to achieve some goal in your life you are inevitably going to rely on others. From the people who give you tips to the people who actually open the doors open for you there will be others on your path. Treating people as though they are important is a sign of a mature mind.

It seems sometimes like the lowest common denominator of behavior is becoming common. This isn't the best approach and those who have the capacity to see the bigger picture should make a habit of treating people well.

When we are positive and friendly we find new resources being pushed our way. People have a willingness to help others. They won't do this for very long if they don't feel as though their efforts are appreciated.

Say "Thank You" and "Please". People like to hear these things. They want to know that they made a difference and they helped someone.  These old rules haven't disappeared and make even more sense when social media is pushing just the opposite.

In one's career you will have opportunities. Most of these don't come through your local advertisements but through people you know. They will tell you about opportunities and they will get you into the door.

Make sure that you understand your social network and how to manage it well. This means keeping in contact with people, being positive, sharing resources and helping each other out. The management of ones networks means being a genuine and engaged person that brings benefits to others.

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