Thursday, May 30, 2019

Who Says You can't Cook on A Boat? A Simple Sirloin Pie Recipe

Cooking on a boat isn't much different than cooking at a camp site. You have limited supplies, limited tools to use, and limited cooking equipment. One thing most boats have is a stove top, grill, and oven. In this case a very small oven and the use of camping cookware can create a fairly solid meal.

1. Make your crust: I like to make my own crust. I add flour, butter, salt, and water until I can kneed into something smooth. I spread out half of the bread dough onto my cookware and keep the other half for the top. I cook it in the oven prior to adding anything so that it will be lightly browned. If you don't do this it is likely to get doughy.

2. Mix in the Ingredients: There are a lot of different ingredients that I use. I used a can of sirloin tips with gravy, can of vegetables, and some potatoes. Of course I mix it with spice.

3. Top the Crust: I spread the top crust to ensure that everything is sealed. Make sure that the edges are pushed in and crimped so that it doesn't leak out when cooking.

4. Cook It: How fast you want to cook or not cook depends on your temperature. While almost everything except the potato and dough is precooked you are really just trying to finish it off. In a small oven I put it in at 350 for an hour but check it regularly.

It turned out Delish!

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